About us

We Techonfood.com build Mobile apps, websites, and QR connectivity-based System Software for Food businesses.

We build all kinds of complete online ordering, making payments, Pick up and delivery System Software which is the most today’s popular way and becomes the major part of today’s restaurant business.

Our system is built on the most recent updated technology for Fast, Efficient, most Reliable, and Affordable prices for all sizes of the restaurant business.

Cost our system is most competitive can bit any competitors in the market.

Our system is built in such a way that can be customized to any individual Restaurant business need with no cost

Any restaurant can buy, or use our software system for their business on a monthly basis without investing huge money to buy.

We also provide a system to analyze the trends of products sales on an hour day or monthly basis for planning the menu and preparing for a particular hour or day.

We also help with the digital marketing of particular restaurants or locations.

We trained the restaurant about day-to-day products uploaded (changing), changes of products, etc.

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